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Collingwood Magpies Depth Chart (pre trade period)

  • Collingwood Magpies Depth Chart (pre trade period)

With only 11 days to go until the AFL trade period officially opens the Collingwood Football Club finds itself in a precarious position. The Magpies fell away badly in the second half of the season yet again winning only 2 of their last 11 games. To improve going forward there's plenty of areas that need to be strengthened. One problem that is arising is depth. The Magpies have already delisted 7 players and it now seems as if they may lose another 3-4 during the trade period. Of those 7 delisted players Lachlan Keeffe and Josh Thomas are included but they will be rookie listed for 2016 even though they will be suspended for the entire season. The players that may leave are Nathan Freeman (requested a trade), Paul Seedsman, Adam Oxley, Corey Gault (possible delisting) and Ben Kennedy. Apart from Freeman who hasn't played a game yet due to injury, the other 4 players were primarily depth players for the Pies in season 2015.

So, the Pies are losing up to 10 players and at the moment only two players are as good as confirmed to be joining the senior list. Jack Frost, who has been a rookie listed player in previous seasons will be promoted to the senior list in 2016. The second player is highly rated player Adam Treloar, who has requested a trade to Collingwood from his current club the GWS Giants. Treloar will add grunt, skill and pace to a Pies midfield lacking in the latter two values. They both will be handy additions but more is required to increase the Magpies ability to fight through an entire season.

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Below is a mock up of the current Collingwood depth chart showing, in American sports style, the ranking of players in each of the general categories. Note that some players are in more then one category given the versatile style of the game these days. The list is put together out of 34 current senior and rookie listed players plus Adam Treloar.

Tall Defenders (192cm +)

  1. 1. Nathan Brown

  2. 2. Ben Reid

  3. 3. Jack Frost

  4. 4. Jonathan Marsh

  5. 5. Tyson Goldsack

  6. 6. Darcy Moore

Medium Defenders (185-191cm)

  1. 1. Tom Langdon

  2. 2. Alan Toovey

  3. 3. Matt Scharenberg

  4. 4. Scott Pendlebury

  5. 5. Adam Oxley (????)

  6. 6. Brayden Maynard

  7. 7. Brent Macaffer

  8. 8. Jack Crisp

  9. 9. Matthew Goodyear

Small Defenders (184cm and below)

  1. 1. Marley Williams

  2. 2. Jackson Ramsay

  3. 3. Travis Varcoe

  4. 4. Ben Sinclair

  5. 5. Steele Sidebottom

Tall Forwards (192cm +)

  1. 1. Travis Cloke

  2. 2. Jesse White

  3. 3. Darcy Moore

  4. 4. Brodie Grundy

  5. 5. Tyson Goldsack

  6. 6. Ben Reid

  7. 7. Jarrod Witts

  8. 8. Mason Cox

  9. 9. Corey Gault (????)

Small/Medium Forwards (191cm and below)

  1. 1. Jamie Elliott

  2. 2. Dane Swan

  3. 3. Alex Fasolo

  4. 4. Tim Broomhead

  5. 5. Travis Varcoe

  6. 6. Scott Pendlebury

  7. 7. Jarryd Blair (defensive forward specialist)

  8. 8. Brent Macaffer

  9. 9. Brendan Abbott

  10. 10. Jordan De Goey

  11. 11. Matthew Goodyear


  1. 1. Brodie Grundy

  2. 2. Jarrod Witts

  3. 3. Jesse White

  4. 4. Darcy Moore

  5. 5. Mason Cox

  6. 6. Corey Gault (????)

Inside Midfielders;

  1. 1. Dane Swan (led the club for average clearances)

  2. 2. Taylor Adams

  3. 3. Adam Treloar (new)

  4. 4. Scott Pendlebury

  5. 5. Levi Greenwood

  6. 6. Jack Crisp

  7. 7. Steele Sidebottom

  8. 8. Jordan De Goey

  9. 9. Tim Broomhead

  10. 10. Matthew Goodyear

Outside Midfielders;

  1. 1. Adam Treloar (had more uncontested then contested possessions in 2015)

  2. 2. Steele Sidebottom (led the pies for uncontested possessions)

  3. 3. Scott Pendlebury

  4. 4. Dane Swan

  5. 5. Jack Crisp

  6. 6. Travis Varcoe

  7. 7. Matthew Goodyear

After looking at all that you can see that the Magpies currently have areas of strength in numbers (the backline) and some areas that need additions (outside midfielders). In season 2015 Collingwood led the league for contested possessions but was well down the list for uncontested possessions. This shows a lack of real outside midfielders for the Pies at the moment. The probable gain of Adam Treloar will add something to that are but it is an area the Magpies need to improve in.

With the trade period only 11 days away plenty of players have been linked with moves to Collingwood as always happens. Of these players the ones that would slot in nicely include James Aish, Jeremy Howe and Adam Tomlinson. It will indeed be a very interesting free agency and trade period for the Pies as they look to top up their list with experienced depth while also leaving a few spots open going into the national and rookie drafts.

It will be an interesting exercise to compare the above depth chart with the one that Collingwood has after the trade period and drafts.

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