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Buckley has to go: Schwarz

  • Buckley has to go: Schwarz

    MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 09: Collingwood coach Nathan Buckley looks upfield during a Collingwood Magpies AFL media opportunity at the Glasshouse Theatre on June 9, 2016 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images)

Former Melbourne stalwart and now media commentator David Schwarz has said that Nathan Buckley's time is up at Collingwood. 

Writing for the Herald Sun, Schwarz says that the only player that has shown significant improvement under the under fire coach is small forward Alex Fasolo. 

"Buckley had played alongside many of the men he was now coaching. He knew exactly who they were on and off the field. He knew the rascals, he knew the workers, he knew the leaders, he knew the followers. He made changes," he writes. 

"From that flag team many are now flittering in the reserves. Nathan Brown, Travis Cloke, Brent Macaffer and Alan Toovey slogged it out in the magoos on the weekend.

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"Alan Didak gone is gone from the club along with talented big man Darren Jolly.

"The only player from that team who has shown significant improvement under Bucks is Alex Fasolo."

Schwarz adds that players are not respecting the environment that Buckley is trying to create around the club.

"He wants these men to be like him. Fastidious in their preparation. Single-minded in their goals. Hard. Strong. Tough," he adds

"Some of them just aren’t.

"So then you look at who the club has brought in during his time. Buckley is not the manager of the list or the manager of the recruiting team, but surely he puts his two bobs worth into the discussion.

"Get me a big man to support Cloke. Welcome, Jesse White. He’s been in and out of the team. And now Cloke is not even getting picked.

"Get me midfielders with guts and class. Welcome Levi Greenwood, James Aish and Adam Treloar. So far this year Treloar has been good, Aish has them scratching their heads. Greenwood was injured last year, but hasn’t done much yet."

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